Classic Home Leverages Online Abilities to Create Efficiency

Classic Home
Vernon, CA


Classic Home is a complete lifestyle brand dedicated to crafting pieces and collections that create inspired spaces and singular design statements for your home. The company based out of Vernon, California, was looking to leverage their abilities online more efficiently. They faced a couple challenges that they were looking to correct in order to make a better user experience on the front-end for the end users and the back-end for the team in charge of managing the site. The first challenge was that all the existing data was messy. Classic Home had to manually handle data for everything that they did, which included a lot of categorization and taxonomy with no automation to simplify the process. The second challenge was making their website more user friendly and giving individuals an experience that could be handled on their own with ease.

A deeper look,

Addressing these challenges started with Luminos helping Classic Home by bringing in a data analyst to map out the existing issues and identifying where they need to be cleaned up. The Luminos team was able to build several features to help with the specific data challenges that Classic Home was facing.

The first feature built allowed for express registration. Sales reps are now able to meet with clients/attend shows and readily help customers set-up trial accounts quickly and on the fly. The team used this as an opportunity to setup the Classic Home site with more modern (User Interface) standards.

Classic Home also required a Project Builder feature to further enhance the end customer experience. The customer is now able to go on the site and build a room with the products they would like and see the entire project in a virtual setting. This personalized experience allows customers to customize and reorder products adding a whole new level of personalization for Classic Home and their customers.

The biggest challenge that had the largest impact to the online experience was organizing their data to allow for their employees to have a clear picture of where they were allocating their time and inventory. In order to create this clear picture, Luminos Labs integrated the backend of Optimizely to Syspro, an ERP and Order Management System (OMS). Luminos Labs worked directly with the Syspro team to make everything more efficient for the Classic Home team.  With the new system in place, Classic Home no longer requires manual intervention to handle messy data. They now rely upon automation that the Luminos team helped build for a cleaner, and higher functioning digital infrastructure.

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The Results

Overall, Classic Home was able to put in a reliable and more efficient digital ecosystem that can be built upon for future projects. The new website is now more employee and user friendly as it allows users to customize and personalize their furniture spaces and employees to leverage cleaner data for a higher functioning interaction with end clients. Their future and personalized home, and employers have cleaner data and higher functioning interactions with its clients.