Carestream Dental Fulfills the Need of an Engaging Digital Experience for Their Customers

Carestream Dental
Atlanta, GA
Medical Devices


Aiding in a more precise diagnoses, improved workflows, and superior patient care, Carestream Dental is on a mission to transform dentistry, simplify technology, and change lives. Providing imaging systems and practice management software for general and specialist dental practices, Carestream Dental had a home-built Content Management System (CMS) that was incapable of servicing their customers. With an already implemented Optimizely CMS, they were looking to add Optimizely Commerce to their digital ecosystem while addressing some existing pain points in their Optimizely CMS instance. Carestream Dental elected to update Optimizely and chose a phased approach to modernize and represent their content better than ever before.

“Our site is a global site, only offering eCommerce in 3 countries and they’re all vastly different. It’s been nice to have a partner that has eCommerce experience to help tidy up our site’s back-end capabilities in the best possible way.”
Dan Mclean, Marketing & Customer Experience Strategist

A deeper look,

An Updated Navigation & Information Architecture

From the beginning of the project, Carestream’s navigation and IA was proving difficult for customers to find products due to issues with categorization. We worked closely with the Carestream Dental team to recommend the best way to restructure their IA in a way that is more natural from a navigational standpoint.

Carestream Dental website IA

There was also a lot of confusion on the customer’s part about what is available to quickly order, and when a sales representative needs to step in from the Carestream side. Through creating a more robust navigation system, it allows customers to better search their products and lead users to what they are looking for in a more intuitive way.  

The website is now much more in line with the way that Carestream Dental customers shop, making it clear where to go for shopping, training, support, and more.

Carestream Dental website homepage

PDP & PLP Improvements  

Along with navigation, we made updates to the product detail pages and product listing pages that allows them to be much more user friendly. These improvements include providing specific details about each product, making the shopping experience a more informed decision for shoppers.  

Carestream Dental PDP page for a Phosphor Imaging plates product CS 7200, Size 0

Multi-Market, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Language Capabilities

Carestream Dental Multi market page to choose a location
Multi-Market –  

Carestream Dental can now operate around the world in different countries including India, Japan, Germany, etc., and offer specific products for each market.  

Multi-Currency –  

Multi-currency offering different:  


-Tax rules

-Payment providers

-Shipping providers

-Fulfillment centers  

All automatically updated depending on the country.

Multi-Language –  

The website will default to a set language while providing options to translate to another.

SAP Integration

By utilizing the Microsoft Azure iPaaS system, we integrated to the back-end SAP ERP reducing the upfront development costs and providing a flexible, scalable integration approach that can grow with Carestream as the digital business continues to mature. This integration took into account all the international requirements outlined above and details needed.  

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The Results

An Overall Redesigned, Modern Look

A redesigned, modern look is what the Luminos Labs team brought to the Carestream Dental website, fulfilling the need of an engaging digital experience for their customers. This is all with the long-term, data-driven goal of creating those deeper connections which eventually lead to higher purchasing conversions.