ASCO Power Technologies, a global leader in the manufacturing of transfer switches, launches a new B2B eCommerce website from an existing Optimizely pre-built framework

ASCO Power Technologies
Florham Park, NJ
Electrical Manufacturing


Emerson Network Power was looking to create a B2B website for their brand ASCO Power, a global leader in the manufacture of transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, power control, load banks, and surge devices. Emerson had previously launched a digital commerce B2B website with their other brand, Vertiv, so they were looking to use the same platform that would also help them to manage product data better.

A deeper look,

Leveraging Optimizely’s platform, ASCO Power wanted to build a highly improved B2B experience for their customers. We also implemented BrandMaker Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) during the site launch.

Pre-Built Launch Framework

To launch lightning-fast, ASCO used a cloned codebase from Emerson’s other brand website, Vertiv. Instead of building everything from scratch, the eCommerce website was redesigned by restructuring the pre-built Optimizely framework. The template allowed ASCO to keep necessary processes functioning and utilized a separate environment to deal with tasks and requirements.


ASCO Power worked hand-in-hand with Luminos Labs concentrating on eCommerce integrations, operations, and migration through organizing and synching the immense amount of product data. Detailed communication and documentation with all partners and the ASCO team enabled the quick creation and launch of a successful website.

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The Results

ASCO Power launched its rebrand on Optimizely with enhanced B2B functionality and an integrated PIM and DAM, and they had a more comfortable implementation than building a new website from scratch. The new website drastically improved page performance, customer support, and overall user experience. Emerson Power Network can continue to use the Optimizely framework to launch new sites for its other brands in the future.