Wellness brand Access Consciousness re-platforms to Optimizely to improve their global eCommerce experience

Access Consciousness
Santa Barbara, CA


Access Consciousness, providing tools and techniques empowering tens of thousands of people worldwide to change their lives, had outgrown its existing digital commerce ecosystem. The website was outdated, feature-heavy, had few language options, and their staff experienced significant usability issues, errors, and availability problems. Access Consciousness delivers its message through seminars, books, audio, and consultations, and they needed a better way to provide a B2B2C experience with a modern eCommerce approach.

A deeper look,

Leveraging Optimizely as a platform, Access Consciousness selected Luminos Labs to drive the digital commerce solution development to re-platform to a highly improved experience.

It was important for Access Consciousness’ new website to have:

  • The ability to sell content in various forms, direct to the end consumer
  • The ability to sell access to events, direct to the end consumer
  • Integration with a third-party site for merchandise sales
  • The creation of a facilitator’s portal
  • Improved, robust, and advanced search functionality
  • The ability to create and manage microsites
  • Pages and templates for marketing content


Global Store

Access Consciousness leveraged the Luminosity Optimizely Accelerator’s multi-site, multi-brand, multi-language, and multi-currency capabilities, Access Consciousness created a global shop for their international visitors. The integrations with CyberSource and NetSuite also support this universal access to provide localized online stores in over 170 countries.

Access - Global Shop

Physical and Digital Products

Customers can purchase digital books and physical copies through improved customer experience. A newly developed Download Center allows buyers to download previously bought books to their devices.

Class Management System

An easy-to-use online interface with extensive back-end logic allows customers to create different classes, register for classes, and make payments for classes. The facilitator version of the class management system also provides screens for Roster and Check-in.

Facilitator Profile Page

Facilitators can purchase a page on the Access Consciousness website to add personal information and promote their teaching services. The data automatically loads information based on the on their profile (e.g., upcoming classes, location, credentials, etc.), to provide the most relevant information and calendar to site visitors. An infinite scrolling (lazy loading) was implemented for users to search for classes and facilitators easily.

Prerequisites Tool

A Rule Engine admin tool configures class prerequisites that prevent users from purchasing specific books and services. Administrators can create rules for class registrations, product purchases, and licensing (i.e., a user must have completed Class A, and Class B, before taking Class C) to reflect class needs.

Memberships and Payment Plans

Customers can purchase memberships to Access Consciousness’ services with recurring monthly or quarterly payments using Optimizely payments and CyberSource. In addition to subscription services, users can buy products and use recurring payments as well.

Affiliate Program

Access Consciousness created an affiliate performance-based marketing program to reward users when they refer buyers. Empowered customers can sign up to share the tools, books, and other products with their friends.

Integration with NetSuite ERP

Access Consciousness and Luminos Labs integrated all NetSuite back-end endpoints using their SDK. The process involved collaboration with the NetSuite consultants to implement the end to end integration.

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The Results

Access Consciousness has an attractive and compelling new B2B2C experience. Their team is far more efficient as they can make changes to mission-critical pages more quickly and easily. The customer experience easily allows users to find the information they needed to book classes and purchase content with more efficiency than ever before.