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Azure Cloud Services Overview | Store, protect, and scale your online business with The Cloud


Lift and Shift

Service Name: Cloud Migration
With a state of the art approach, Luminos will assess your workloads, identify the best path to the could & securely migrate your workloads with all digital assets to the cloud.
Keywords: Scale | Cost Optimization | Step by Step | Redundancy | Disaster Recovery | Speed | Performance | High availability | Backup | Automation | IaaS | Virtual Machine | NFS | Cloudinit


Cloud services have become the standard for agility, optimization & scalability. With your specific needs in mind, Luminos will provide a step by step migration to Microsoft Azure. Prioritizing your business objectives and goals, we’ll work together with your organization to help you achieve them every step of the way. Together, we’ll create a strategic vision of successful workloads migration while offering comprehensive consultancy, implementation, and support services throughout the process.



Application Development on Azure

Service Name: Cloud App Development
Developing a business on top of Microsoft Azure involves creating a strategy and vision involving the use of critical cloud technologies. Luminos will work with you throughout all phases of software development life cycle to support this process.
Keywords: Cloud Nativ | Optimize | Scalable | Redundancy | SaaS | PaaS | App Service| Cosmos | Service bus


The Cloud is here to stay and knowing all about the Cloud ecosystem is essential for using Microsoft Azure’s features in the most beneficial way. This can seem overwhelming at first, but Luminos will be there to help guide you throughout this discovery journey. Our team of experts will take your business requirements into account, and design and implement a native cloud application to support your specific needs.


application development
app modernization

App modernization

Service Name: App modernization
Need to fit existing apps for the cloud? Looking to start fresh and make your app cloud-friendly from the beginning? Either way, it’s important to make your app ready to leverage all the incredible cloud features that Azure has to offer. Luminos is here to help with this modernization process, no matter how far along the path you are.
Keywords: Innovative Design | AI | ML | Intelligent Data | Text recognition | Face recognition | OCR


Today’s business has been innovated with the technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Stay on top of the curve by modernizing your applications with Azure, giving them the infrastructure to support these powerful tools. From the use of containers, to OCR capabilities and face recognition, modernizing your applications will allow you to incorporate intelligent data and smart reporting to bring your business to a whole new level. And Luminos will help with this process every step of the way, embracing modernization to help our clients prepare for their future business.


Cloud Automation

Service Name: Cloud Automation
We know that in business, your time is extremely valuable. That’s why it’s vital to automate the repetitive processes that exist in your day to day. Luminos is here to help take your business to the next level with Cloud Automation.
Keywords: Optimize | Reduce Cost | Robots | Infrastructure as code | Source Control| DSC | PowerShell | Bash | Chef | Bash | Puppet | Bash | Ansible


In this digital era, automation is crucial for optimizing costs, efficiencies, and business opportunities. Luminos can help you discover the business areas in which Cloud Automation will bring you the most value. Whether it’s automatic cost control, deploying intelligent synchronization systems, or creating backup and redundancy policies, we’re here to help you build the most helpful automation for your system.


cloud automation

DevTest in Cloud

Service Name: DevTest in Cloud
Cloud makes it easier than ever to scale up your digital environments based on your daily needs. Take your current and future needs into account; we can help you leverage this technology in the best way for your business.
Keywords: Scale | Extend | Grow| Secure | DevOps | Jenkins | VSTS


While they can work in the short term, on-premise infrastructure has great limitations. Even worse, it can be incredibly expensive and exhausting to maintain. Microsoft Azure offers a robust Cloud ecosystem that allows you extend your digital environments, as well as automate CI/CD pipelines. Best of all, Luminos will support you in designing and developing these environments, in the development, testing, and performance levels.


Episerver in Cloud

Service Name: Episerver Digital Experience Cloud
The rules around eCommerce are changing every day. To stay ahead in this dynamic world, Luminos helps you create the perfect cloud-based eCommerce solution for your business and client needs.
Keywords: Evolution | Scale | Flexibility


Our team has extensive experience in Episerver, Digital Experience Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, making it easy to support your business in each step of developing these systems. With an incredible knowledge of the retail eCommerce industry, we can leverage the Cloud to optimize your online business. Best of all, Luminos has a strong partnership with Episerver and Microsoft Azure, enabling us to create solutions that bring great value to your business now and in the future.


episerver in cloud
maintenance and support

Maintenance and Support

Service Name: Cloud Managed Services
Once you’ve successfully migrated to the Cloud, we’ve got you covered. Your cloud application will be in good hands, as Luminos proactive team offers robust maintenance and support service, so that you can focus on the future of your business.
Keywords: Reduce Cost | Increase Productivity | 24/7 | SLA | Support business grow | HA | DR | HA | Cost optimization


After you’ve migrated to the Cloud, you’re going to want a strong support service to ensure its prolonged success. Luminos has a reliable team that will support your application in its day to day activities. From 24/7 support with clear SLA to comprehensive infrastructure and application support, Luminos effectively monitors your systems and executes valuable maintenance procedures to provide quality assurance for your business. As always, we are here to help with all cloud-related issues and activities 365 days a year, so that you can focus on the future of your business.


With a full understanding of your business goals, we’ll work diligently with you to develop an effective cloud strategy that not only helps you achieve them, but also prepares you for unseen obstacles in the future.

Processes Involved:

Discovery and Solution Selection • High-level documentation • Cloud Roadmapping • Cost Estimation • Risk Identification



With constant quality assurance testing and demonstration, you’ll have a great idea of what the implementation looks like as it’s being built. Throughout the process, the solution will undergo continuous optimization to ensure its effectiveness as your business changes and scales.

Processes Involved:

Agile Implementation • Ongoing QA Testing • Risk Mitigation
• Maintenance and Support