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Testing Digital Commerce: The Ultimate List of eCommerce Bugs

Have you ever hesitated to buy something online when you were about to put in your credit card information? The truth is many cart abandonment issues have to do with lost confidence in the transaction caused by problems with the digital commerce experience. By adequately testing your system, you can easily avoid these many issues. […]

3 SEO Checks Before Launching a Digital Commerce Website

A new site eCommerce provides a significant opportunity to capture new organic traffic. Implementing a 3-point Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checklist before launch will make your site much more accessible from the beginning and provide a framework to optimize to get more traffic and growth over time.

Launch home delivery eCommerce in as fast as 30 days

Online retail orders have increased year on year by 146%, but only the companies with an effective online presence will reap the benefits. To make sure you come back stronger Episerver and Luminos Labs have a new offer to help grocery stores and food manufacturers launch an eCommerce experience for their customers lightning-fast.

The Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide 2020

This research aims to help CIOs to not only respond to the emergency outbreak of COVID-19, but also demonstrate leadership to increase business resilience and prepare for rebound and future growth. In this report we believe you will find the dangers and opportunities created by the Coronavirus outbreak, short-term actions to take to address operational disruptions and business decline, and long-term actions to take to increase business resilience and prepare for future growth.

Free Episerver Content Diagnosis Software

Episerver has launched a FREE Content Diagnostics package to help organizations quickly understand if the content they are delivering meets the real-time needs of their audience. Dropping a simple JavaScript tag gives you a real-time content audit, topic-level engagement insights, and reveals content gaps automatically without on-going manual effort.

Why Writing a GOOD Bug Report is Important

Bug reporting is essential for locating problems in the development process, and allows developers to fix these issues quickly. While it may be tempting to write a 10-page report, the simpler and more succinct your report is, the better you’ll be able to help others solve the problem in the long run.

13 Steps to a Killer eCommerce RFP

Consumer behaviors are making a drastic shift towards eCommerce, due to lockdowns, work from home, and we are getting used to spending nearly all our time in our homes. Now may be the right time to focus on rebuilding your online store, and if you’re unsure what to do, we have a guide so you can create […]