We believe digital commerce transformation projects should not take 6+ months and cost over half-million dollars. We believe complex research and strategy prior to go-live is essentially guesswork. We believe companies should invest in digital commerce platforms and ecosystems that are flexible and scalable.

We are not for everyone.

We work with companies who want to invest the smart way with their digital commerce transformation projects, by launching their website lightning-fast and then optimize based on actual customer behavior.


Fast-Moving Forward

Focus your time and energy on what’s essential and creates value. Simplify things by taking the shortest path towards achieving the expected results. Take ownership of things to ensure they get done. Be positive and constructive to keep things moving in the right direction. Be courageous to make decisions and to remove roadblocks, today instead of tomorrow.

Radical Transparency

Explain the Why behind the decisions that impact others. Always set and reset the right expectations. Always speak your mind, don’t hold anything back, and encourage others to do the same when debating ideas. Create healthy conflict by debating ideas instead of debating with each other.

One Team

Support each other because we win or we lose together. Be humble and take credit as a team: “We” instead of “I”. Take responsibility when others make mistakes. Push each other to get better so that we all get better as a team. Keep each other accountable when one of us drops the ball because that’s the only way for us to win together.

Leadership Team


Professional Development

At Luminos Labs, we want our employees to grow and advance in their careers continuously. We invest in the professional development of all our employees, including training, coaching, conferences, and certifications.

Work-Life Balance

Our work environment encourages autonomy with flexible working hours, generous paid time off, and the option to work from home.


We provide comprehensive health insurance packages, organic office snacks, sponsored company parties, and much more!

Profit-Sharing and Bonuses

We offer team-based profit sharing for all employees, as well as additional bonuses for employee referrals.

“Being part of Luminos Labs makes you feel that your effort, hard work, and passion never go unnoticed. Teamwork makes us who we are and working together keeps our groove on.”

Delia StanescuLead QA Manual Tester at Luminos Labs

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