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A team of dedicated professionals ready to help you create value with digital commerce.

Who we are

Luminos Labs is a digital commerce solution partner, specializing in complex, omnichannel B2B and B2C experiences.

Founded in 2010, Luminos Labs is a digital commerce solution partner offering strategy, design, build, and managed services. We specialize in highly complex B2B2C Episerver commerce platform integrations in retail, manufacturing, and wholesale.

With colleagues spread across the US and the EU, Luminos Labs boasts an experienced team of strategists, business analysts, experience designers, and engineers with offices in California, the Midwest, and Romania. Our dual-continental approach to design and implementation offers clients a unique mix of quality and efficiency.

Laser-focused on client success, we help our client-partners increase capacity, conversion rate, and average order value by replacing old technology, empowering customers, and improving the organizational adoption of new digital commerce capabilities.

Our Culture

Luminos Culture

Luminos Culture


  • Bring a positive attitude to the team
  • Start by talking about the problem; continue by talking about solutions only
  • Build on top of each other’s ideas


  • “We” instead of “I”
  • Take Responsability
  • Support each other


  • Be clear
  • Continuous Growth
  • Make our clients successful

Diana Popa

“Being part of Luminos Labs makes you feel that your effort, hard work and passion never go unnoticed. Teamwork makes us who we are and working together keeps our groove on.”

43 Computer Science Awards

12 Languages Spoken

178.3 Cups of Coffee a Day

4 Marathonists

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