A Year in Trendservation | April’s E-Commerce Trends

Another month has gone by and with that comes another set of this year’s retail trendservations! This month we’ve got some pretty interesting developments in retail shipping, returns, and technology. Enjoy! Trendservations in shipping Probably some of the biggest news of the month is Amazon’s $800 million shipping stunt. The retail titan announced that there […]

Making sure customers find your site | A guide to SEO

Let’s say you’ve got your e-commerce site up and ready to go. You’ve got great systems in place for product information management, order management, and automation. There’s just one problem: people can’t find your site! What’s the point of having the perfect e-commerce site if you aren’t making sure customers find your site? Luminos Labs is […]

Building an enhanced customer experience

You can spend infinite time building the perfect customer experience. This makes sense as customer satisfaction should really be the #1 goal of any e-commerce business. More happy customers means more repeated purchases, leading to more brand loyalty and even more customers! Here are some of the many ways you can easily improve your customer […]

Building your digital commerce strategy to satisfy

Online shopping is more competitive than ever before. Digital commerce strategy is becoming much more customer-centric, with the end goal being to create the most returning customers via your digital experience. At this point, it’s simply unacceptable to lose out on customers due to faults in your e-commerce system. Luminos Labs is here to help […]