Transform the way your business manages data with InRiver

As business grow, product catalogs can grow to the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of different products. Each product may have small variances in specifications, documentation, configurability, etc. as well. Managing all of this product information accurately is challenging to say the least. Updating and pushing out new product information to multiple channels takes […]

How to match today’s digital progress in retail

Being at the head of a retail business means you make a lot of decisions about what the next best moves are for your company. This can be really stressful and overwhelming at times. With so many business structures, techniques, and technologies, how can you be sure you’re doing what’s best? Luminos Labs is here […]

Why writing a GOOD Bug Report is so important?

Bug reporting is essential for locating issues in development, and gives our developers the needed support to fix them quickly. While it may be tempting to write a 10-page report on what you discover, experience has taught us that the simpler and more succinct your report is, the better you’ll be able to help others solve the problem in the long run. Writing a good bug report isn’t hard, it can be tempting to do it in a hurry, without putting your full attention into it