How Luminos Labs and Episerver powered the rebrand of a $5B global giant

When Emerson Network Power, the $5B supplier of mission-critical equipment for data centers and communication networks, was spun off from their parent corporation, there were a couple of things they knew early on. First, they were going to need a rebrand to establish their new strategy and positioning in the market. Second, nothing less than a […]

Venmo now available for checkout at 2M retailers

Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. It allows users to transfer money between one another, primarily using a mobile phone app, but a web interface is available. In 2016, Venmo handled a total of $17.6 billion in transactions. Venmo’s unique positioning in the crowded mobile payments space is social payments. It was […]

Digital transformation at an original online bike store

Everywhere you look, organizations are achieving incredible results while avoiding disruption through digital transformation. When it comes to retail, the pivot to digital commerce is ‘ride or die’. But one bike shop left that challenge in the dust years ago. Jenson USA has been selling bikes, parts, and accessories on the web since 1996. This fact […]

Digital commerce platform integration in 6 easy steps

Once upon a time, many organizations achieved their online revenue goals with a simple e-commerce website. Modern digital commerce solutions are, in software engineering terms, distributed systems. To be successful, they must continuously communicate with many different systems, across the internet. Some are hosted externally by other vendors and interact with front-end user experience. Others are back-office […]