Unify disparate digital experiences onto global Digital Marketing & eCommerce Experience

The client had several regional divisions each one having separate systems. They wanted an unified solutions for all the regions, US region being selected as the prototype for the new platform. The plan was to build this platform in a way that will facilitates the migrations of all the other regions eventually.

The client wanted a redesign of their existing US site and a reimplementation of their current store. The focus was, besides having a new, fresh and responsive design, to build a platform where several other systems will integrate, automating some of the existing processes and creating an improved user experience.

Global roll-out of Sitecore and Insite Commerce

Luminos Labs collaborated with several external and client partners to deliver the global digital marketing & ecommerce solution. The implementation was divided into a few separate projects, starting with the site redesign and building the main CMS related functionalities leveraging Sitecore capabilities. The site was already using Sitecore as a CMS platform, however, in order to have a structure that will allow better integration with the other systems and use the latest Sitecore features, the decision was to have complete redesign and reimplementation of the existing functionalities.

The second project focused on delivering a new store using a system that integrates better with Sitecore and has more advanced B2B and B2C capabilities. The Insite Commerce platform was selected for achieving this goal, having also a good support for ERP integration (SAP).

The capabilities and functionalities developed included the integration of a product registration system (RAP), the implementation of Customer Sales Representative portal (where the CSR users could perform all the regular operations including impersonating a customer account but also handling product returns), and the development of some sales agent related features that would be used by CRM solution.

Luminos Labs integrated Sitecore and Insite Commerce with various 3rd party and internal systems including

  • Sitecore Lionbridge Translation Solution (ClayTablet) integration
  • Gigya connector for Social Login, sharing and community features
  • Cybersouce payment gateway
  • OneSource tax provision API
  • UPS shipping service
  • CSR Portal - completely developed system to allow csr users to create orders, register products or handle RMAs for B2C and B2B customers
  • Product registration system (RAP) integration