Retailer Grows Organic Revenue by 20% with Omnichannel Implementation by Luminos Labs


Murdoch’s, a Rocky Mountain Supply Store chain, had become all too familiar with inventory allocation gaps between their eCommerce warehouse and their physical stores. Hundreds of assortments on lacked size and color variations. After successfully launching their first generation eCommerce platform, Murdoch’s needed to invest in modern retail features such as buy-online, ship-from-store to drive sales.


Luminos Labs was engaged to deliver the Omnichannel vision by designing and executing the integration project between the existing Episerver Commerce platform and a distributed order management system (dOMS) to bring the in-store inventory online. Luminos Labs consulted with multiple vendors to advise Mur doch’s on the best approach to integrate inventory data and process orders from

Luminos Labs also implemented minor but impactful enhancements to the user experience, including a more prominent “add to shopping cart” button, larger product images on the product detail page, and the ability to shop for additional items from a specific brand.


As a result, Murdoch’s surfaced 250% more inventory on their website, which inherently offered customers a wider selection of SKUs and sizes to choose from, and increased online revenue in the same period of the prior year by 20%. Conversion rate for the product detail page also saw a nearly 1% rate increase. The integration between Episerver and the dOMS will enable Luminos Labs to deliver additional Omnichannel features such as buy-online, pick-up in-store.