An out of date Cash Management application was slowing down the business and negatively impacting user experience

One of the country's most reputable non-profit financial cooperative credit unions, had been running a legacy cash management solution for its members to initiate wire transfers and other cash management services. While the application “got the job done” it performed slow for the number of users in the system and lacked more advanced features that members expected.

Deliver a highly secure custom .NET application

The Cash Management Solution needed to be re-imagined and rebuilt from scratch. Due to the sensitive nature of the data and activities, Luminos Labs was charged with delivering a highly-secure Custom .NET application to meet these needs.

The goals of the project were:

  1. Improve the user experience of the cash management application
  2. Deliver a stable application that is easily tested
  3. Built a flexible code base that can be improved upon over time

Luminos Labs delivered a custom .NET application that delivered on all of these goals and included the following elements:

  1. Compliant with Regulatory oversight from NCUA and the FFIEC.
  2. Support over 10k users with hundreds of concurrent members logged in to the application
  3. Integration with over a dozen financial institutions, secure data transfer brokers, and single sign-on APIs.
  4. Decoupled custom built .NET framework for presentation layer, business logic, data logic, and database layer