Luminos Labs & Episerver power B2C digital commerce for regional home furnishing powerhouse Living Spaces


Living Spaces had a home-rolled e-commerce platform that was struggling to keep up with the demands of modern digital commerce. The lack of a responsive front end was leading to poor customer experience and inefficient SEO, and friction and delays within the team was contributing to a slowdown in revenue growth YoY. They either needed to an upgrade or a transformation.


Living Spaces came to Luminos Labs and Episerver to get help transforming their digital infrastructure.

Using the Commerce Accelerator framework, Luminos Labs was able to:

  • Rebuild front-end templates
  • Improve SEO
  • Restructure the back end to integrate with the improved site architecture

Introduce necessary third-party systems

Technical Integrations

Synchrony, BazaarVoice, Olapic, BloomReach, Tangiblee, Silverpop, Tealium, Optimizely, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics, LivePerson, Bold Chat


In conjunction with an improved content management layer, these improvements helped:

  • Site Speed
  • Acquisition from organic search
  • Conversion Rate

The launch of the new infrastructure was overnight, with no downtime and no measurable negative impact on relevant website functions.

The process allowed Living Spaces to transform their e-commerce experience with minimal lost time, allowing them to provide the improved customer experience they had hoped for when they came to Luminos Labs. 

The success of the project formed the basis of a long-term partnership to help provide Episerver codebase and infrastructure maintenance, content support, digital marketing, and digital strategy consulting as the e-commerce landscape continues evolving. 

  • Episerver codebase and infrastructure
  • Content support
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital strategy consulting